PDF signature

With a PDF signature, you're able to digitally sign PDF documents with a trusted signature. Ideal for the complete digital distribution and handling of, for example, agreements and reports.

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Manual Signing

If you want to sign a document occasionally you can use a PDF certificate on a (USB) PKI token. To sign a document you'll also need signing software and a USB-port.

Trusted by default

Signing with this certificate guarantees the origin and content of a doucment. The certificate is included in Adobe's AATL program and is therefore automatically trusted in Adobe Reader. The signature complies with PAdES. Ensured e-Sign is an advanced electronic signature (AES) as described in Article 3 under 10 and Article 26 of the eIDAS Regulation. The department-specific Ensured e-Seal is comparable to an electronic signature but is used by legal persons and not by an individual person.

1. What do you need?


With this certificate you sign on behalf of a department within an organization.


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With the Ensured e-Seal certificate you sign on behalf of a department within an organization. Delivery on USB token.

2. Validity

The longer the validity, the higher your discount.

1 year

2 years

3 years

3. Request

  • Certainty

    with whom you do business, also in the long term
  • Easily

    request and implement
  • Flexible

    in signing many or few documents, as a cloud solution or in your own infrastructure
  • Supported worldwide

    with typically Dutch service
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