About Ensured

Easily sign digitally with Ensured

Ensured provides digital signatures for signing PDF documents. We offer solutions for incidental signing of documents as well as automatically signing of large numbers of documents.

Ensured is an initiative of Xolphin. Xolphin has been supplying SSL certificates and digital signatures since 2002. Ever since, speed, service and convenience have been at the forefront of Xolphin’s offerings. We have delivered over 1,000,000 certificates to over 45,000 customers. With the transparent and easy-to-integrate solutions provided by Ensured, the Xolphin advantage now applies to PDF signing as well

The Xolphin Terms and Conditions apply to all Ensured deliveries.

Our Strengths

  • Assistance always available

    Answer within 15 minutes during office hours
  • Safety first

    ISO 27001, 90001 & WebTrust certified
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  • Fast delivery

    by our multilingual validation team

Ensured B.V.

Office address

Rogier van der Weydestraat 2
1817 MJ Alkmaar

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Postbus 88
1800 AB Alkmaar


+31(0)800 3678733